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Exterior Restoration

At most waterparks, the most visible amenities are the large waterslides which tower above everything else.

With that in mind, restoring the exterior surface of the slides is usually highly impactful in improving the overall curb appeal of a facility. On the other hand, allowing these slides to deteriorate and fade sends a strong message to patrons about the operator’s overall attitude towards maintenance.

As it turns out, exterior restoration is usually quite budget friendly as compared to other types of specialized waterpark maintenance. There is a lot of value to having our experienced team professionally apply a coating system that will outperform the original factory finish of ALL commercial waterslides.

photo of waterslide

Interior Restoration

After several years of attempting restoration success with various “proprietary” coating systems, we have identified that Polyester gelcoat is in fact the best coating for the interior of any commercial waterslide.

We have invested heavily in equipment that allows us to be efficient while providing industry leading results.

As with most things, attention to detail, and preparation of the work area are key to a proper restoration. We find that many of the slides we are restoring have been restored within the last two years using “proprietary coatings designed specifically for waterslides”

• Gel Coating
• Anti-Skid
• Bubbling (osmosis) 

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Tower/Structure Restoration

The humid, chemical laden environment at Aquatic facilities causes slide support structures and everything else to deteriorate at a much faster rate than normal.

We have pioneered effective processes for restoration of all types of structures, and are able to tackle tower restoration projects of any size.

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custom fabrication

We are able to duplicate virtually any rusted or broken metal, or fiberglass component in our fabrication shop.

In partnership with other industry innovators, we offer an ever growing list of top quality waterpark amenities, including:

• Benches and Tables:
(SS or hot dip galvanized)
• Guard Chairs:
  (both permanent and portable)
• Posts, Bollards, and Railing Systems
• Pool Stairs and Ladders
• Customized Aquatic Climbing Walls

And much more…

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apu restorATION

Restoration of Aquatic Play Structures and Spray features of all sizes

In most cases, structures are completely disassembled and hauled to our 10,500 square foot restoration shop.

Many of the Aquatic Play Structures we encounter have existing plastic slides which tend to fade quickly, and do not hold up very well in high use environments. In response to this, we have developed fiberglass retrofit slides in order to change out the plastic slides with identical profile components.

These are premium quality commercial grade slides, as opposed to the flimsy residential grade slides which are often provided with the new APU. 

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• Waterslides
• Aquatic Play Structures
• Spray Features
• Dry Playground Equipment
• Shade Structures and Canopies
• Pumps and Strainers
• Pool Gutter Grating
• VGB Grates
• Pedestrian Bridges
• Guard Chairs
• Aquatic Climbing Walls

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The interior surface of all fiberglass waterslides is Polyester Gelcoat. Like all high performance coating systems, gelcoat requires appropriate techniques and skilled, professional technicians to achieve good repairs or resurfacing.

Our technicians are highly skilled and well trained in these areas. We can make professional repairs, or completely resurface slides with new spray applied gelcoat.  

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Fiberglass stair and decking systems

We can design and install fiberglass systems to replace the stairs and decking on your slide tower, pedestrian bridge, dive tower, or pool gutter grating.

We use Fiberglass products sourced and manufactured in the USA, and offer State stamped drawings where necessary.

This type of system is often used to replace existing rusted out steel and concrete steps and landings.

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Professional slide maintenance and high speed buffing results in a faster and more comfortable rider experience.

• Buffing and Polishing
• Caulking
• Seam Alignment
• Leak Repairs
• Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs
• Flange Bolt Replacement 

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Themed fiberglass Slides

In many cases, small single component themed kiddie slides are removed and hauled to our shop to be restored.

Repairs and restoration can also be completed onsite

New or remanufactured themed slides and spray features also available.

• Recoating
• Repairs
• Installation
• Replacement
• New Sales 

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Customized fiberglass Aquatic Structures

We offer hundreds of themed structures for both Aquatic and Dry environments. In addition, we can create custom fiberglass products simply by looking at a photo, CAD drawing, or sketch. Contact us today to schedule a face to face design meeting!

• Signs
• Mascots
• Trademarked Features
• Waterplay Features
• Dry Playground Equipment
• Benches

…or we can duplicate existing products which are made    out of other materials.

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Pool Repairs & Restoration

We employ time tested methods, industry leading coatings, and a high level of attention to detail.

• VGB Grates
• Joint Sealing
• Coatings
• Plaster Repair/Replacement
• Depth/Lane Lines
• Tile Repair/Replacement 

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