More Than Waterslide Restoration

Our Fischer Brothers journey began by installing waterslides. Over time, we expanded our expertise to include restoring waterslides. As our abilities grew, and as we saw more problems we could solve in the industry, we ventured into restoring Aquatic Play Structures. Now we restore just about anything that bolts to the ground within waterparks or aquatic facilities: waterslides, Aquatic Play Structures, spray and play features, steel structures and more.

After 20+ years leading in the industry, we have observed two key problems we aim to solve:

  • Many of the play and spray features which were popular in the early 2000’s are severely lacking in play value. Aquatic facilities are looking for more ways to increase play value for their patrons without breaking the bank.
  • Many of the old features are tired looking, worn out, or even out of commission at this point. It is time for many of them to be replaced.

We took it upon ourselves to create several products to solve those problems in a way that allows our customers to avoid the expensive option of completely redesigning the facility and starting from scratch. While we currently have two products on the market, we are still developing more products and procedures to save our customers money and transform their aquatic facility.

Retrofit Slides

We developed this slide in 2017 specifically to replace the plastic SCS slides installed on Aquatic Play Structures across the country. The plastic SCS slides have been cracking, fading and breaking. We have received many requests to fix them over the years, but it is impossible to repair plastic. We got tired of telling our customers that it is impossible to fix plastic, so we decided to bridge the gap and develop our own fiberglass slide to replace them. Our fiberglass Retrofit Slide is an upgrade to the old plastic SCS slides, providing longevity through superior design, repairable fiberglass and fade-resistant coating technology. This slide is also designed to be a great addition to any facility, not only as a replacement for the plastic slides, but as a Drop Slide, Stand Alone Slide System, and more!

Looking to add a Retrofit Slide or replace a plastic slide?

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Retrofit Slide

Double Lane Toddler Slides

The perfect fit for small riders! Our Double Lane Toddler Slide was developed in 2022 to bridge the gap that young children face at waterparks: nothing to do! We designed the Double Lane Toddler Slide specifically for riders under 60lbs to enjoy. Featuring 10 color options, gentle water supply and easy installation, the Double Lane Toddler Slide is perfect for shallow pools and splash pads. Each Slide is made with Life Floor® safety tiles on the steps and landing to prevent slipping and add cushioning.

Add more play value to aquatic facilities, splashpads and waterparks with the Double Lane Toddler Slide.

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NOTE: Double Lane Toddler Slide and Retrofit Slide pricing is heavily dependent upon the application specific to each facility. Pricing is only available in a quote format after more information is provided.

Double Lane Toddler Slides
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