Crazy times…. what an understatement. Between a Global Pandemic, and our cities burning, this is an interesting season of life for everyone. These circumstances especially impact small businesses like ours, populated by hard working people who are dependant on a decent economy and basic law and order in society.

Here at Fischer Bros, we feel blessed to still have plenty of work, and to have been only minimally impacted by the craziness going on all around us. We shut down for about 6 weeks, even though we are classified as an essential business. After reopening mid- May, we have been able to have our crews work safely both on jobsites and in the Restoration Shop. We are nearly finished with the Spring projects which were scheduled for April and May.

Our summer and Fall Schedule is nearly full, but there is opportunity for another couple of mid-sized restoration or maintenance projects. Feel free to call Andrew @ 608-769-5790 to schedule a site visit, or with any questions about your aquatic needs!